Preserving America's Historical Significance

National Day of Prayer Special Request

Next Thursday, May 3, we will celebrate the National Day of Prayer. Prayer is a vital part of our American heritage. Since the first call to prayer in 1775, when the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a new nation, the calls to prayer by national leaders have continued down through our history.

Many young people, the up and coming leaders of this country, are largely ignorant of this long history of prayer and its role in equipping the nation’s fighting forces to defend America’s way of life. America today has arrived at a time when too often the nation’s leaders seek to herd us into new paths leaving the “old paths” to the very destruction of the nation’s Christian foundation. First Principles Press has thus prepared and now presents the case for historic American military prayer as an indispensable guide both for our military and all Americans in these morally tumultuous times.

We would like to ask you to please consider purchasing copies of the case for military prayer and the “evidence” included therein–a historic collection of prayers spanning from before the nation’s founding to the present day. Also, please consider sharing this message with your own social network, to spread the word as far as possible about preserving military prayer.

In honor of the National Day of Prayer, we are offering a special. Between now and May 3 with the purchase of 2 copies of “Endowed by Their Creator”, we will send you a third for free.

If you are interested in supporting First Principles Press and joining with us to make the case for military prayer, email us at or visit the Prayer Collection page to read background materials and for information on how to order books.