Preserving America's Historical Significance

New history course provides insight into America’s past . . . and future

New history course provides insight into America’s past . . . and future

Is your interpretation of American history warped? There are those who strive to weaken our national heritage by revising the true origins of America—those based on clear Biblical principles.  Such forces influence Americans to abandon valuable principles that God has set forward for us to follow personally, and more importantly, as a nation.  Of late, the revision of key points pertaining to the goals of the Founding Fathers has resulted in the moral decline of our country.

The twisting of American history pervades all aspects of today’s culture. It’s sometimes difficult to decipher truth from deceit.  To the rescue of patriotic citizens is a new history course that provides resources for recognizing exactly what our Founding Fathers intended for our nation, and in their own words.  The God and Country History Symposium offered through the First Principles Press trains both students and adults in researching the truth of our country’s foundation and recognizing undemocratic change in its principles.

The 15-week course will be led by Colonel Ronald Ray, a writer and speaker on Constitutional issues, and Director of Research for First Principles, Dr. Linda Jeffery.  They will post daily to a closed forum using various multimedia formats including audio, video, and print.  Additionally, anyone taking the course will have access to the entire Digital Archive of the First Principles Press containing thousands of primary source documents.  This allows the students to supplement commentary with review of actual documents.  It’s highly recommended to all who want to deepen their understanding of how and why we as Americans have strayed from our roots and the responsibilities we have as a nation to defend and restore them.

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