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Election 2016: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the War on Women


Before Donald Trump began his run for the Presidency, he was popular among liberals. While he bragged about his sexual conquests, liberals didn’t mind; after all, he was pro-choice on abortion and spoke the politically-correct language. He was the New York version of Bill Clinton: the left-leaning Alpha male who attracted women like dung attracts flies.

But when he became a Republican Presidential candidate and embraced the pro-life position on abortion, the Donald suddenly became an enemy of women. In his first debate performance, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly peppered him with questions about his remarks about women—his spat with Rosie O’Donnell, instigated by O’Donnell, made headlines—and Trump’s remarks about Kelly after that debate were inflammatory.

Still, what is The Donald’s record with women? And how does his record stack against that of his presumptive Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton?

The Donald is nothing if not a businessman. As a high-profile business owner, Trump has hired thousands of people, men and women alike, over the decades. That allows us to get a look at his record as an employer.

If he promoted a hostile work environment, we would know that. But that doesn’t appear to have been the case, as many women who have worked for him over the years will vouch for his fair treatment of them.

Where feminists love to carp about the “glass ceiling”, Trump had no problem hiring women for very high executive positions, putting them in charge of critical projects. If he were bigoted about women, it didn’t show in the way he hired, compensated, and promoted women in his companies.

And while Trump’s sexual dalliances are no secret, it’s not like he has made any effort to cover them up.

Contrast that record with that of Ms. Clinton.

  • In 1992, she commandeered the efforts to quash the “bimbo eruptions”, women who came forward about their affairs with then-Gov. Bill Clinton, who was running for President;
  • Throughout the Clinton Presidency, she stood by efforts to smear women who had allegations of sexual harassment against her husband;
  • As a Senator and a Secretary of State, she consistently supported the abortion holocaust, at least half the victims of which are female and whose promoters specifically market this genocide to the very black community to which she panders for votes.

Neither Clinton nor Trump are perfectly sterling in their dealings with women. At the same time, the President is the Chief Executive, and it is on the Executive to set the standard for how leaders treat people, first as human beings, and also as employees.

Trump, while a novice to the pro-life camp, at least seems to get it, accepting the premise that abortion involves the wanton killing of another human being. Clinton, on the other hand, is in bed with the worst of the abortion rights movement, from Planned Parenthood to NOW to Emily’s List.

And as employers, Trump has clearly been more equitable to women than Hillary. Moreover, he has been downright charitable where he had no incentive to be, as former Miss USA Tara Conner can attest.

Make no mistake: one candidate in this election season is very much an enemy of women.

But that enemy of women is not Donald Trump, but rather Hillary Clinton.