Preserving America's Historical Significance

God and Country History Course

The God and Country History Course has been developed from review of hundreds of historical accounts of undemocratic changes that have taken place in America through the actions of domestic enemies who would destroy our Republican Christian foundation. We will discover a new birth of freedom by researching the truth of America’s foundations, and the subversive elements which have reshaped its principles through undemocratic change.

We invite both students and parents to join a closed forum led by Dr. Linda Jeffrey, Peter Allison, Tim Meshginpoosh and Shelby Sears.  During the course, participants will have full access to the Digital Archive of First Principles Press, which contains thousands of primary source documents that will allow individual exploration and discovery. 

Course Instructors:

Dr. Linda Jeffrey received her Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Louisville, and also holds a Master of Science degree in genetics, a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, and a Physician Assistant degree.  Dr. Jeffrey, Director of Research at First Principles Press and author of numerous articles, white papers and three books, and has been with FPP for 15 years.

Peter Allison graduated with Distinction from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and completed postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin.  He taught on the engineering faculty of the US Naval Academy and is a former submarine officer and naval nuclear engineer. He became headmaster of a large Christian school, and has also served in various engineering and management roles with a Fortune 10 company. Peter holds 5 engineering patents and is the author of Dollar Non¢ents, a Biblical and historic explanation of the Federal Reserve Corporation. Peter is a consultant to FPP for 10 yeas.

Tim Meshginpoosh is an FPP contributor.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and an MBA with concentrations in economics and finance from Morehead State University. Tim has completed additional studios in theology and Biblical studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Tim is a Systems Architect with over 20 years of experience in information technology.

Shelby Sears graduated from the Virginia Military Academy on the Dean’s list with a bachelors degree in history.  Shelby served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005 with the US Marines.  Shelby has served in law enforcement for 7 years, funding his passion, sustainable farming and animal husbandry, in an attempt to reclaim the old ways and in response to the negative health and environment effects of the industrial food system on his generation.  Shelby has been with FPP since 1994. 

The course is held on a semester basis. 

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