Preserving America's Historical Significance

American History Restoration Project

The American History Restoration Project has been sustained by a model effort from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which has been replicated in other states. In 1992, Kentucky was the first state to pass a law, KRS 158.195, making it illegal to censor American history because of religious references in founding state documents such as Kentucky’s Constitution. In 2000, the Kentucky General Assembly passed Senate Joint Resolution 57 to provide for distribution of the law, KRS 158.195, to school board members, teachers, and principals. The Kentucky General Assembly following the supreme Court on four cases from 1844 to 1931, made a finding of historical fact that:

Section 7. The General Assembly finds the Ten Commandments to be the precedent legal code of the Commonwealth which has provided the foundation for many of the civil and criminal statutes enacted into law throughout the history of the Commonwealth.

First Principles has amassed a large archive of early American history books and resources to prepare a formal curriculum defining the Foundations of American law and civil government. Training in this curriculum is ongoing in forums such as Advanced Officers Courses (AOC) at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, American Family Association, Asbury College’s history department, a Lexington seminary, civic groups, churches, and veterans groups including ROA, American Legion, the Military Order of the World Wars Youth Leadership Conferences and National Pro-family forums.