Preserving America's Historical Significance


Webster’s Blue-Backed Speller and New England Primer

SpellerHearthstone Publishing These two textbooks will prove that our founding fathers expected moral truths and Christian principles to be taught in every school subject.
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The United States: A Christian Nation

Christian_NationBy Justice David Josiah Brewer “The United States: A Christian Nation” is U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Josiah Brewer’s 1905 lecture series on the unmistakably Christian origins and values of the United States.
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Stonewall Jackson: The Spiritual Side

Stonewall_Jacksonby Dr. David T Myers – Sprinkle Publications This study is thoughtfully done, exploring a variety of aspects of the great general’s life.  It is historically accurate and gives fresh insight into the genius of the ‘mighty Stonewall’.  It will profit any believer, not just those interested int he Civil War or military history.  It More Info »
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None Dare Call It Education: What’s Happening to Our Schools & Our Children?

NoneDareCallBy John A. Stormer – Liberty Bell Press The documented account of how education “reforms” are undermining academics and traditional values.
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Endowed by Their Creator: A Collection of Historic American Military Prayers 1774-Present

EbtC_CoverThis historic collection of American military prayer spans 1774 to the present and contains 280 uniquely American prayers. The collection serves a dual purpose: First, it demonstrates the necessity of prayer to America’s military mission. Secondly, at a time when prayer is being disregarded, opposed by political and military leaders, and treated more like ceremonial More Info »

Charles Spurgeon Pamphlets on Prayer

SpurgeonThumbA Sermon on Effective Prayer Originally Titled: Order & Argument in Prayer Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 12, Number 700 A Sermon on Intercessory Prayer Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 7, Number 404 A Sermon on the Secret Power in Prayer Volume 34, Number 2002