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Endowed by Their Creator


Endowed by Their Creator: A Collection of Historic American Military Prayers 1774-Present

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The American military’s two founding principles, Exemplary Conduct and Military Prayer, are now nearly gone from practice and memory.  However, in 1774, their long history began, including Congressional regulations requiring, 1) Exemplary Conduct and; 2) prayer in the U.S. Armed Forces, which were fully practiced and enforced until the last few decades.

This collection of illustrative historic prayers beginning in 1774 and drawn from 74 prayer books were printed and distributed both at private and public expense, then distributed within the military.  This collection serves a dual purpose: First it demonstrates the necessity of prayer to America’s military mission. General George Marshall was not alone when he said “morale,” – the essential element of achieving military objectives – came from the “religious fervor of the soul” and is ignored at great peril, as soldiers are substantially disarmed when they face the rigor and horror of war with only guns and orders.

Secondly, at a time when prayer is being disregarded and treated more like a ceremonial formality in military and non-military circumstances, this collection of prayers is useful, educational, and historic, both in the military and civilian worlds.  This collection allows anyone of any station or faith, the opportunity to draw from its pages a prayer associated with an historic occasion or historic figure.

As the voices of presidents and military heroes recorded in this book have continuously maintained, America and her fighting forces must not lose touch with our nation’s understanding of the “Creator” named in the Declaration of Independence, and His broad and great endowment of our “One Nation Under God.”  For the military to lose or ignore the “religious fervor of the soul” is done at ‘great peril.”  Thus, mindful of this need First Principles presents, “Endowed by Their Creator: A Collection of Historic American Military Prayers 1774-Present.”


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